Hello, I’m Thomas Nicollet, a french 3rd year student at Epitech Lyon.

I’m describe myself as a tech enthusiast, part-time gamer and occasionnaly a fiction writer.

For the tech enthusiast part, I share a joke with a close coworker of mine, saying we are “Entire IT departement”, according to this tweet:

That goes without saying, I’m not a full-fledged specialist of anything, but a more-than-capable worker in plenty of technologies/framework/languages.

As for the gamer side, I’m mostly in complex sandbox games, like heavily modded Minecraft, heavily modded Starbound, Space Engineers, and such. I often do stream on twitch, and record it all for my YouTube channel.

Finally, I mainly write fiction for my own sake, flushing out thoughts harrassing my brain when I should be sleeping. However, you can find pretty much all I wrote on this blog.

I hope you’ll enjoy staying here for the time being.

You can follow me on different platform, that should get you update on what I’ve been doing lately:

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